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Vincent Calabrese

Self-educated, a definite iconoclast and something of a philosopher, Vincent Calabrese conceives his designs as challenges to the traditions of mechanical engineering in general and to accepted watch making practice in particular.

The number, the originality and the diversified nature of these creations have enhanced his reputation as one of the world’s most prolific inventors.
Vincent Calabrese is one of that rare breed of watchmakers who are able to make and build a watch movement entirely by hand. Traditionally, his movements are fashioned in 18K gold but he is the only maker to date to have also built movements in 950 platinum. His "Spatiales" design style features customized one-of-a-kind movements in practically every shape, including the owner's initials along with a variety of symbols, animals and even the geographical outline of selected countries. Along with such technical features as the Flying Tourbillon, with optional "regulator" dial layout, his collection displays exceptionally original design features. Its elegant simplicity and inspired character have won him sustained interest from connoisseurs the world over.

Vincent Calabrese enjoys challenges that test his inventive mind, and creates watches that, in contrast to traditional-looking watches, are startlingly different from anything ever made before. An eclectic, he can come up with a popular watch like the "Commedia" or a gold plated quartz watch as well as with a handmade watch in 18K gold or even in 950 platinum that is customized to the owner's specifications, such as the "Personnelles" range. Vincent Calabrese's creative talent displays an amazing variety of facets. All his designs feature a mechanism that he himself has invented and built.

All, too, display truly original styling, untouched by outside influences or borrowed ideas.
Moreover, if his designs are not already patented, there is a patent pending.

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